Course Description

My beginners course is the best place to start your rejuvenation journey and start glowing up! 

With each video you can follow me as I do the exercise, explaining exactly what it is I’m doing and the area of the face we’re working on. I will walk you through 14 staple exercises, working all areas of your face, to sculpt, and lift, whilst also reducing wrinkles and sagging skin.

This easy-to-follow course will help you to achieve an overall face and neck lift with healthy, smooth, and glowing skin. This course takes care of all your problem areas: the neck, jawline, chin, mouth, cheeks and forehead. 

I encourage you to prioritise yourself by taking 15 minutes each day and being committed and consistent with these exercises so you can start reduce the signs of aging naturally.

I just know you’ll be super proud of your efforts and AMAZED with the results! 

Don’t forget to take those before and after pics!


Course Highlights

Student Testimonial
"I love that these videos are so clear and easy to follow. I do these every evening before bed and now looking so fresh that friends have been asking me what I've had done!"
Kathryn Phillips
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