About Me

About Me

I am Ella and I'm 50yrs old. I'm so excited to be sharing my antiaging facial exercises with you!

Private Facial Exercise Lessons
Facial Exercises To Look Younger
Face Yoga Exercises

I started doing facial exercises in my late thirties and because of this, I’m now in my fifties looking like I’m still in my thirties! 😉

I’ve always been quiet health concious by eating nutitious foods and exercising my body. In my twenties I started doing ‘resistance’ training at the gym and loved the way my entire body started to look more toned, defined and healthy. In my mid thirties, I started to notice that my face wasn’t holding up quite as well as my body! I started to notice the beginnings of nasolabial folds, wrinkles and a double chin! 

And I did not like it.

Then it occurred to me that my body was aging extremely well due to the resistance training, so as there are also muscles in our faces, it made sense to me to start ‘resistance-training’ my face. I spent a lot of time researching facial muscles and then developed a series of facial exercises to ‘resistance-train’ my face. 

Needless to say; the results were amazing!

These exercises have helped me to maintain a toned, youthful, ageless face and continue to give me a ‘Natural Facelift’! Countless women have asked me to share my ‘antiaging secret’ and so I decided to share my facial exercises with you so we can all ‘glow-up’ as we grow older! 

I have spent over 10 years developing this facial exercise program and I can’t wait to share it with you! Start your rejuvenation  journey today by joining one of my online programs!

Easy steps to follow

An easy step by step program with simple visual, spoken and written instructions.

Clear audio & video

Follow me as I do each facial exercise, explaining exactly what to do.

See results in 6wks!

Being consistent and doing these exercises for 15mins each day will yield results!

What my students say about the courses

“I've been doing these exercises for 3weeks now and see a huge improvement in my nasolabial folds already! ”

Louise Moore

"I love that these videos are so clear and easy to follow. I do these every evening before bed and now looking so fresh that friends have been asking me what I've had done!"

Kathryn Phillips

"Thank you for this course! After one month I am looking the best I have ever looked in years! "

Chinelo Chukwu

"I saw you on TikTok and was so inspired, I purchased the course. It's only been a week but I can already see it working!."

Anisha Jacobs

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